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Comprehensive Representation you can trust.

JE and Associates was formed to Represent businesses and individuals seeking to expand their revenues and profits through Sales, Acquisitions and Mergers and improved Operations.  JEA takes advantage of its extensive stable of established relationships in multiple industries and our Associates many collective years of business experience to provide the successful results our clients require. 


JE and Associates (JEA) 

Contact Agent

JEA can interview potential candidates with with full confidentiality.  Whether they be potential acquisition or merger prospects or possible employees.  

Agent Presenter

Whether it is a formal presentation demonstrating you company's full abilities or a simple sale meeting, JEA can be your Agent in the field Representing you when you can not be there.  

U.S. Domestic Representative

JEA can provide a local physical presence for your internationally based company here in the U.S.  We can help build and maintain relationships by visiting clients, attending meetings and other functions.  A physical presence always beats Skype or just an email. 


Our Mission

01. To Represent you as you would represent yourself combining our knowledge, experience and business network  with yours.

We seek to honestly represent you as you would yourself for you own best interests and that of your company utilizing all the assets and skills our Associate's background provides us. 

02. To provide our services with complete privacy and confidentiality when required.

JEA recognizes that sometimes the search for the right acquisition or merger needs to be accomplished in privacy for the best results.  This can apply to many of the types of Agent assignments we do. 


03. We Treat You and Your Business the way we want to be treated in business.  

In many cases we have been where you are and can identify with the need for fair, honest guidance.  Whether you are just getting started or are in need for mature experience you can rest assured we will do our best to be your Agent and Represent you as we would want to be represented. 

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